Proskauer Rose International Practice Guide Proskauer Rose LLP |
      Proskauer on International Litigation and Arbitration:
       Managing, Resolving, and Avoiding Cross-Border Business or Regulatory Disputes
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This Guide is the product of an extraordinary effort by the following Proskauer lawyers around the globe who have collected their practical experience serving our valued clients in the international arena: Kenneth Aldous (New York); Adam Berkowitz (New York); Andre Castaybert New York); Margaret Dale (New York); Bert Deixler (Los Angeles); Tanya Forsheit (Los Angeles); Jessica Freiheit (New York); Jason Gerstein (New York); Noah Gitterman (New York); Daniel Goldberger (New York); Evan Greene (New York); Jason Husgen (New York); Adam Katz (New York); Jessica Kastner (New York); Steven Krane (New York); Michael Lazaroff (New York); Jordan Leader (New York); Jeffrey Levitan (New York); David Lewis (New York); Damian Martinez (Los Angeles); Paula Miller (New York); Claude Millman (New York); Matthew Queler (New York); John Roesser (New York); Daniella Rudy (New York); Peter Samuels (New York); Jennifer Scullion (New York); Bertrand Sellier (New York); Peter Sherwin (New York/Paris); Louis Solomon (New York); Yuval Tal (New York); Timothy Tobin (D.C.); Stephanie Traband (Boca Raton); Matthew Triggs (Boca Raton); Colin Underwood (New York); Ana Vermal (Paris); Chris Wolf (D.C.); and Wendy Wu (New York).

The Guide also benefits substantially from the contributions of the following individuals who provided research and drafting assistance while associates, summer associates, or interns with the firm: Jonah Brown-Cozien (Ch. 6: The Role of Comity); Bettina Chin (Ch. 27: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), Jean Clemente (Ch. 22: Other Litigation Ancillary to International Arbitration), Victoria Loughery (Ch. 17: Trials and Ch. 21: Compelling or Avoiding Arbitration), Daniel Tammuz (Ch. 14: Discovery in the U.S. in Aid of Proceedings Outside the U.S.), Courtney Taylor (Ch. 5: U.S. Court Abstention in Deference to Non-U.S. Action and Ch. 10: Enjoining Non-U.S. Court Proceedings in U.S. Courts); Payal Salsburg (Ch. 1: Securing U.S. Jurisdiction); Ryan Searfoorce (Ch. 24: Dispute Resolution Issues in Drafting Agreements in the International Context), N. Tramaine Spencer (Ch. 15: Privilege Issues), and Charles Stern (Ch. 1: Securing U.S. Jurisdiction).

Finally, this Guide literally would not exist but for the tremendous work and planning of the following production team who ensured that the Guide was useable, useful, and accessible. We thank each of you sincerely for your critical and patient assistance: Joseph Calve, Lisa Cohen, Scott Cohen, Bruce Davies, Lissette Feliciano, Helene Freymann, Kevin Kimple, Monica McLaughlin, Charles McNew, Patrice Murphy, Dennis Polk, Carolyn Rumpf, and Angharad Wilson. We also thank Bill Hart for his guidance on myriad copyright and publication issues.

Editorial Team

     Jennifer Scullion

     Kenneth Aldous

     Sarah Reisman